3 Ways Football Teams Are Using Technology To Make Players Safer

You may think that professional football players operate in a different space than IT, but you might be surprised at how many enterprise technologies are in play to keep players safe.

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In a rough and tumble sport like football, it’s imperative to keep the players as safe as possible. Seeing an opportunity to optimize safety and prevent concussions, professional football teams have been utilizing technology to better understand the science behind sports injury, and the best method for medically treating each player.

  1. One option for teams looking to keep their players safer is to examine their protective gear. This could mean analysis of helmet impact data collected in a lab setting.
  2. Another approach is to connect the players themselves, using sensors that send data to mobile devices on the sidelines. Coaches and support staff can monitor the force of heavy hits, and remove players from the field if they think they’re at risk for head injury.
  3. To ensure injured players are given immediate and accurate attention following injury, organizations use cloud-based storage of EHR to ensure stadium medical staff have the info they need, even for visiting teams.

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