3M Transforms R&D with Innovative Hybrid Cluster

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3m.jpg3M is a science-based enterprise. Its high-performance computing (HPC) IT team works closely with the company’s scientists and engineers to provide optimal solutions to their computing needs. In April 2011, the HPC IT team installed an innovative Intel® Xeon® processor-based hybrid cluster that combines shared memory and cluster computing and a virtualization environment.

“We are a little different in how we support and provide services to our R&D organization,” explains Peter Bye, systems architect for 3M. “We don’t just give them off-the-shelf tools and say, ‘Go at it.’ We listen to them and try to come up with innovative ways to help them do their jobs better and faster. More often than not, we are able to help them solve what would have been an intractable problem maybe just a few months ago.”

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