4 Things Mobile Point of Sale Services Can Do for Retailers

I’ve already covered how Intel is working with retailers to rethink innovation. Now we’ll take a more granular look at how mobile point of sale (mPOS) services can specifically enhance the retail experience, both in front of and behind the counter.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Preliminary research indicates that young adults spend an average of five hours a day on a smartphone. I’d be willing to guess that the number of hours is a bit lower for adults, but regardless, that’s a large chunk of change spent in front of the smartphone screen. Because our mobile devices are increasingly becoming how we interface with the world, it makes sense to integrate them into the retail experience.

Imagine a unified commerce solution that brings someone to an online storefront on their phone, where they can pre-purchase items, then pick them up in-store. The rise of Apple Pay and Google Wallet is already allowing mobile devices to integrate seamlessly into the shopping experience.

Provide Multiple Points of Sale

While the “m” in “mPOS” stands for mobile, we might also expand it to mean “multiple.” Retailers are starting to think beyond the cash wrap and the checkout lane. The ability to pay from a phone or tablet at strategic points throughout the store could create massive ROIs. If you could buy an item right where you picked it off the shelf rather than waiting in line, you’d totally do that, right?

Automation, endless aisles, and seamless returns — all of this is possible with unified commerce and mPOS.

Make Better Strategic Leadership Decisions

Advanced mPOS devices make it easier to gather customer data and use it to create more powerful business insights. Customer data can be used as the foundation for imagining experiences that increase both revenue and brand perception.

In a unified commerce experience, retailers get access to more data than before. For example, if a customer transitions from a mobile store experience to an in-store one, did advertising and/or promotions on their phone drive them there?

Decrease Reliance on Legacy Systems

The cost of making transactions has increased for retailers by 49 percent in the last 18 months. Legacy POS systems can often take up to a decade to change, and 40 to 45 percent of retailers plan to refresh their POS solutions in three to four years. Many more than that will be transitioning to unified commerce solutions.

The Intel advantage gives retailers one ecosystem that drives a long-term return on investment better than ever before. That ecosystem allows for retailers to create the ideal customer interaction, rather than being hamstrung by technology.

Ready to take the next step and create an unforgettable retail experience? Find out how you can personalize your POS experience with Intel technology.

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