5 Questions to Ask Intel at GigaOm Structure (June 22-23, 2011)

GigaOM's Structure is this week (June 22-23) and Intel is a headline sponsor. While at the show, we would love it if you asked Intel some questions. To get the ball rolling, here are five topics that we can address while at the show.

1) What is an “Open Cloud” and how does my organization take advantage of it?

Jason Waxman, Intel’s GM for High Density Computing in our Data Center Group, will be conducting a fireside chat on Thursday June 23rd at 2:30 pm.  To give you a preview, he will talk about newly released cloud use model specifications that top enterprise IT organizations released to the industry via the Open Data Center Alliance, and how IT organizations can take advantage of these use models for the benefit of your organization.

For those who are not attending the event, you can watch the webcast live at http://event.gigaom.com/structure/video/.

2) What is Intel’s low power Micro Server strategy?

In addition to talking about the open cloud,  Jason will also address Intel’s point of view on microservers and how they are ideal for workloads where many low-power, dense servers may be more efficient than fewer, more robust servers.

3) What is a hardware root of trust with Intel Trusted Execution Technology and how does it help with my cloud’s security, audit, and compliance issues?

To answer this question, you can attend the Intel workshop with Intel’s Billy Cox on Wednesday, June 22, 9:50 am.  To give you a preview of what he will talk about, listen to Terremark’s Chief Strategy Officer Marvin Wheeler, Cisco’s Director of Cloud and Virtualization Solutions Chris Hoff, Hytrust’s CTO Hemma Prafullchandra and RSA’s Senior Technology Strategist Dennis Moreau in the video below.

4) Do you have any reference architectures that help address implementation of unified networking with 10G Ethernet solutions in my data center?

At the same workshop as referenced above, Billy will discuss the Intel Cloud Builders program. He talks about how an IT architect can use this program to implement unified networking solutions (with all the associated unified networking benefits) in your datacenter. For a preview, watch the video below from NetApp on how to use one of the Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architectures to implement an Intel 10G Ethernet solution in your datacenter.

5) How did Intel’s own IT department implement a private cloud and go about virtualizating its applications enterprise-wise?

As part of Billy's workshop, we will also have Das Kamhout from Intel’s own IT department talk about implementing a private cloud across more than 75,000 servers. To give you a preview of his content, please view the video below.

We look forward to seeing you there.  To stay up to date with Intel while at the event, we will be posting updates at www.intel.com/go/cloudnews or you can follow me on twitter at @jlvb2006. Additionally, we will have many Intel experts at our booth at all times - please come by with your questions and say hi!