5 Things You Can Do Now to Secure Your Small Business

Security is a concern for the vast majority of small business owners, but many of them feel stuck when it comes to protecting their business data from a wide range of threats. Every business uses technology differently, and has distinct cyber protection needs, but there are simple actions most business owners can - and should - take to get a handle on securing valuable data. Looking ahead to a new year, now is the time to take action and build a secure baseline for your small business.

1. Update your security software.

Software updates are patches to flaws in previous versions. From security updates to enhanced software performance, an update is designed to make your device run more smoothly. When you avoid updating your software, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to security threats. So while those software pop-ups can be annoying, they're also critically important.

2. Ensure security across devices.

In this mobile age, you and your employees most likely use multiple devices to conduct business. Take a look at your business practices and evaluate which devices you use for personal or business use. From phones, to tablets, to desktops, ensuring your devices are all secure and password protected is important for data security. Do you work remotely? Which Wi-Fi networks do you regularly use? These are all important to consider when ensuring security across your devices.

3. Educate yourself about potential threats.

2017 is almost here and now’s the time to become aware of emergent threats to your business security. With the increased use of IoT, interconnected devices like cars, smart homes, and wearables are more at risk. Protect your business from data breaches by staying aware of potential threats. After all, if you don’t know about a problem, how can you possibly hope to fix it?

4. Understand how your device plays a part in securing business data.

Older machines, while they may be convenient, slow down your business process, cost you more cash, and leave you open to security threats. With less advanced software, old tech is more vulnerable. Integrating your mobile devices and computers is important in protecting your network, and it’s often almost impossible with old PCs running out-of-date software. Take a look at the world of new Intel PCs and tablets, and discover how they work together to protect your business.

5. Upgrade to a new computer with Windows 10 Pro & the latest Intel® Core™ processors

Modern computers have more advanced systems in place to prevent others from accessing business information such as (1) Windows Hello incorporates biometric security & (2) hardware based built-in security features from the latest Intel Core processors that use your face, iris, or fingerprint as ID to log in.

Intel is here to protect your small business and provide data security. Discover our resources to help your small business thrive, and follow @IntelSmallBiz for the latest security news and updates.