5 Tips for Making your Data Center Greener

Whatever your industry it’s a smart move to reduce your carbon footprint in whatever way you can. Making your data center greener is a good way to go and it’s not as difficult or as costly as you may imagine. Here are some tips for making your data center more environmentally-friendly.

  1. Implement remote power management – this will allow your data center to automatically turn off network hardware that is not being used, so you only need to power up your internal servers as and when they are needed. Not only does this save on your energy bill, but it will also reduce your cooling costs. If you use a remote power manager it can be preprogrammed to start up or shut down at fixed times.
  2. Use a liquid cooling system – most data centers are cooled by hot and cold aisles or raised-floor systems, but these are not the greenest or most cost-efficient means of cooling. A liquid cooling source utilizes much less energy yet will still maintain the same cool temperatures as an air cooling system.
  3. Update network cabling – if you’re serious about greening your data center, you should consider replacing your current cables with fiber optic cabling. Though this may be more expensive at the outset, it will pay for itself over time. Fiber cables cover a greater distance which eliminates switches grounding and HVAC.
  4. Use Energy-efficient Ethernet devices – each type you upgrade your equipment, bring in energy-efficient devices. By doing this alone, you can cut your company’s power use by more than 50 percent.
  5. Implement smart lighting – you don’t need the lights in your data center running 24/7. Install sensor lighting so that you will only be using lighting as and when needed, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

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