6 “Can’t Miss” Sessions at HP Discover

Tomorrow is the first day of HP's Discover 2013 in Barcelona, where business and IT experts will come together to talk about our industry's most cutting-edge issues. To help you sift through the agenda - which boasts more than 500 sessions over 3 days - I've picked 6 stand-out sessions that shouldn't be missed. From the evolution of Big Data to the workplace of the future, these sessions showcase the most pressing issues facing business IT today.

Check out my picks below:

Technologies for the Next Big Data Revolution

Patrick Buddenbaum, Director, Enterprise Segment, Intel Corporation

Wednesday, Dec 11, 11:40 AM - 12:00 PM – Innovation Theater, Hall 4

HP and Intel share the belief that every organization and individual should be able to unlock intelligence from the world’s ever increasing set of data sources—the Internet of Things. By some estimates, up to 50 billion connected devices will be deployed by 2020. Harnessing that data represents a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize business models and transform consumer experiences. Get a glimpse into the upcoming Intel technologies that will power the Internet of Things, including the recently announced Intel Quark, the exciting emergence of silicon-based photonics, and the efforts from Intel Labs around data correlation thru graph analytics. Not just limited to business, this intelligence can also enrich our lives through new scientific discoveries. We will highlight these capabilities with a motivating personal experience based on genomic mapping.  

The Future of Business Devices Will Change the Way You Work—Forever

Andy Tryba, Director, Business Client Strategy and GM, Immersive Collaboration, Intel Corporation

Tuesday, Dec 10, 4:30 PM - 4:50 PM – Innovation Theater, Hall 4

As technology becomes increasingly pervasive in our personal and business lives, platforms diversify, and people access scads of data at the touch of a finger, the world in which we work is dramatically changing. Business compute devices and sensors will be in all things around you, and the days of one device per employee are over. Knowledge is no longer power as we convert to a world where we all have information at our fingertips. We must adapt as workers, and IT must evolve as a catalyst for business growth. Join this session to hear experts at Intel discuss how our device- and data-hungry world will continue changing the workplace.

Intel Powering NFV Solutions

Petar Torre, Lead Architect, Intel Corporation

Thursday, Dec 12, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM – Room C10, Hall 8.0

The promise of reduced costs and greater flexibility enabled by Network Functions Virtualization and standard computing platforms is gaining momentum in the communications industry. Several industry efforts are underway to accelerate definition and adoption while also promoting the need for collaboration within the supply chain to ensure success. In this session Intel will explore the dynamics that have underpinned the transformation underway and the experiences and learning’s gained from collaborations with the end users , the Service Providers, and the technology partners required to realize solution deployments. Drawing from real world examples , the challenges presented and methods of mitigation, this session will illustrate the path to realizing the benefits across the industry.

Innovation Delivered!! Time to Refresh

Rob Sheppard, Business Client Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation

Thursday, Dec 12, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM – Room C10, Hall 8.0

The traditional cycle of PC refresh has been challenged over recent times by economic conditions, the transition from Windows XP, and how to embrace consumerisation. Technology has now caught up with users’ expectations for style, without compromising IT’s needs for security, manageability and performance. New Intel® processor based devices are bringing significant productivity benefits, so come and find why now is THE best time to refresh, and how to choose the right devices for your employees and their jobs.

Big Data: Proven Methods and Insider Tips

Patrick Buddenbaum, Director, Enterprise Segment, Intel Corporation

Thursday, Dec 12, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM – Room C10, Hall 8.0

You've heard all about big data and how it can make you richer, smarter and even better looking. In this session, we will share some ideas on how to get started and how to take advantage of some proven methods from existing customer implementations, including Intel's own IT department.

Transforming Datacenter Architecture

Richard Curran, Senior Business Solutions, EMEA, Intel Corporation

Wednesday, Dec 11, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM – Room C10, Hall 8.0

The datacenter is transforming at a rapid rate - propelled by demands of cloud, big data analytics, and mobility. Trace the latest advancements in datacenter technology across servers, networking, storage, and software that can deliver a step function change in the agility and efficiency of services you offer. Learn the foundational elements pivotal to transforming your datacenter to deliver real value for your business.

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