A Big Day for Business

Today is an exciting day for businesses around the world.  The 6th Generation Intel Core vPro and Core processors are here.  And these platforms aren’t your typical business platforms.  To put it mildly, these platforms are incredible and are undoubtedly the best business PCs ever.  We have a full portfolio of new desktop and mobile platform designs offering the most business PCs in Intel’s history along with a record number of vPro designs.

To understand how significant the leap ahead we are seeing is with the 6th generation Core vPro platforms, start first with the traditional measures of platform improvement.  Relative to the average PC that is being replaced, which is about 5 years old, the new 6th generation PC will deliver up to 2.5X performance, 3X battery life, 4X faster wake up time and 30X graphics performance.  These PC’s are so incredibly responsive, employees will love their new PC and businesses will love the higher levels of productivity.

But we haven’t stopped there.  The 6th generation platforms are the most sleek and stylish designs that have ever been designed for business users.  In fact, at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas, many of the award winning designs were business platforms.  That’s right…we had the best platform awards given at a “consumer” show awarded to Business PCs.  Business users and IT decision makers now don’t need to compromise on the look and feel of their PC.  Industry analyst Pat Moorhead commented, “The business systems at CES had the same business awesomeness, and now they have all the style and design awesomeness of the consumer systems”.  Ready to take a look at the features of these devices? There is an enterprise-ready solution for every type of business.

I’m also so excited about a new platform capability called Intel Authenticate that we are previewing for the first time with the 6th generation Core vPro and Core platforms. We all know that it is commonplace for businesses to be compromised with confidential information stolen.  Most businesses use a user name and password to gain access to their company network, however, this is a line of defense that is too easily overcome.  In fact, identity is the most prevalent attack surface being exploited today.  Intel Authenticate embeds multifactor authentication into hardware in the platform architecture.  By doing so, the most common software based attacks that steal user credentials through viruses or malware are rendered ineffective.  Intel delivers a secure PIN, a Bluetooth proximity factor with your Android or iPhone, a logical location factor with vPro systems and fingerprint biometrics.  IT can choose the number and combination of factors they desire depending on their security needs and preferences for their users.  Intel Authenticate is available on all 6th generation Core vPro and Core platforms.  With this new preview, we expect businesses to begin their testing of this new, exciting capability and we will work closely with our partners to refine and optimize Intel Authenticate.

Our guiding principle is to enable workplace transformation.  We continue to drive a No Wires workplace vision.  With the 6th generation Core and Core vPro platforms, we have integrated Pro WiDi capability built in to enable wireless display.  We also have more than double the number of designs with integrated WiGig for wireless docking.  These PCs now support hoteling with shared, open WiGig docks that are available from all the major OEMs.

To drive workplace transformation even further, we announced enhancements to our award winning conference room PC collaboration solution, Intel® Unite.  We originally launched Intel® Unite back in June and now we have seven different OEMs shipping conference room collaboration PCs based on Intel® Unite. We’ve added new, exciting capabilities into Unite based on customer requests including auto-disconnect, OSX support and integrating Lync/Skype through a new Unite plug-in. We are excited to be teaming up with companies like Logitech to help define the future of the conference room. If you haven’t seen Unite, you should check it out.  The most common response from first time users is “Wow, that was easy!”

Finally, I had the opportunity to highlight our Intel® Small Business Advantage product.  My team and I realize that workplace transformation is key for businesses of all sizes, but the solutions businesses require vary greatly depending on the number of employees.  Small businesses, in particular, have very unique needs for their technology solutions since they typically do not have a dedicated IT professional.  Intel Small Business Advantage is designed from the ground up to deliver an intuitive, seamless to deploy, solution to improve both productivity and security specifically for these small business.  It is available preloaded or available for download from our OEMs on targeted platforms.

In all, today is a big day for business PCs. Advancing workplace transformation remains a guiding force for me and my team.  The new 6th generation Intel Core vPro and Core platforms not only delivers on traditional platform values like performance, and new sleek platform designs, but also new exciting areas like hardware-enhanced security with Intel Authenticate.  We are driven to improve the way we work.  The future of business computing and workplace transformation is very bright. Connect with me on Twitter @TomMGarrison. I look forward to hearing your stories as you evolve your business.


Tom Garrison
Vice President and General Manager
Intel Business Client Platforms

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Tom Garrison

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Tom Garrison, Vice President and General Manager of Desktop, Commercial, & Channel (DCC). oversees the desktop, business client and channel platforms. Tom joined DCC after three years as the general manager of the Business Client Platforms group, where he had responsibility for Intel’s business client and vPro™ strategies across the breadth of Intel platforms. Tom joined Intel in 1994. Prior to his time in the Client Computing Group, Tom was the General Manager of the Datacenter Engineering Group. Prior to his role leading the Datacenter Engineering Group, Tom led the Datacenter Strategic Planning organization responsible for Intel's datacenter silicon and platform roadmaps across all datacenter market segments.