A different way to create and execute applications

Wouldn't it be great if we could buy an application and not have to worry about whether it was designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS X or some flavor of linux?

How about when you buy a personal computer you don't have to make a decison on whether it should come with Windows XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS X (don't you wish that was a choice today) or some flavor of linux - or nothing and you figure it out later?

What if every computer you bought came with a smal, highly efficient operating system that basically only acted similar to a virtual machine hypervisor, managing the allocation of resources to virtual machines (or applications). And by the way it was built into the "platform" supplied by the chip vendor and OEM's only aggregated components and added value where it counts - tools to better manage the virtual enviornments, as a peer process not as a "host" operating system.

This is the world that I would like to see evolve over the next couple of years (okay maybe 5).

Applications are compiled with the operating system extensions (purchased from today or tomorrow's operating system vendors) and sold as one package that runs on top of the thin/efficient operating system mentioned above. This way we as the consumers can worry about selecting applications and functionality and get out of the business of worrying about which operating system to buy - or worrying about which operating sytem the application will run on. We just buy the application!!! What a concept!!!

A nice extension to this would be to allow the ability to still have a more traditional "container" of applications for secure, managed interaction between applications and for providing a policy managed environment. But the applications should still be the same apps I buy to run independently - So how about an install option - standalone or in a "container" or ???

Now that would be cool.