A Rainbow of Choices to Meet Enterprise Demands: Dylan Larson on New Data Center Solutions

We have been talking about data center segmentation for a number of years and are far from the days of Henry Ford-like "as long as it's black" solution delivery.  However, the last few months have been notable at Intel for the addition to the Xeon Phi co-processor and Atom S processor product lines augmenting an already robust product offering portfolio.  While Phi and Atom solutions meet vastly different market segments, they have one thing in common - delivery of unique solutions that meet emerging needs that a Xeon processor based solution cannot achieve with the same effectiveness.  In order to get to the bottom of Intel's new data center solution segmentation, I had a great chat with Dylan Larson, Director of Xeon Marketing in Intel's Data Center and Connected Systems Group.  Dylan provided some interesting insight into why Intel has decided to expand its data center solutions portfolio and lent some examples of customer demands driving these new needs.  I hope you find this interview as interesting as I find all my talks with Dylan.