A smart device for serving up cappuccino at HP Discover

These days, we seem to find traces of smart technology in increasingly unlikely, yet incredibly helpful, enlightening, and even tasty places. Yearning for a fresh cup of cappuccino, I recently came upon this vending machine called Costa Express at the Intel booth at HP Discover. Intel and Coffee? A connection I would never have made in my wildest dreams. The urge to get some caffeine injected into my system got the better of me and I found myself standing in line right away – right next to the sign that proclaimed Smart Devices for Smart People at the Intel Booth. Is this another instance of a smart person encountering a smart device to have an enriched user-experience drinking coffee? Let’s find out.

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Stepping up to the machine, a friendly screen came to life offering me enticing options of various flavors of coffee with visual and audio effects. It was as if a barista was at work behind the scenes, culminating in the final act of the coffee actually pouring. Good morning Las Vegas! Go Costa, the device vendor, and Go HP for having them on premise. (And of course, Go Intel.) Wait a minute? Go Intel? Again, why the Intel booth?

Read on.

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Sam Dedman from Costa Coffee explained that Intel technologies empowered the Costa Express CEM-200, an Intelligent Coffee Station, to do a lot more than make coffee. Fueled by the dual core Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE processor, it can understand more about who is using the machine to offer the right selection of coffee at each location. Intel’s Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA) technology enables this machine to engage in personalized advertising; remote manageability for instant advertising updates and maintenance; connectivity with social media; and augmented reality, which promises eye-catching graphics for customers.

Using Intel’s AVA audience-detection technology and an optical sensor on the front of the machine panel, it’s possible to anonymously collect customer demographic and dwell times. This information can be used to target ads, as in showing content that is of interest to who is standing in front of the machine, whether it’s a child, man, woman or senior. These capabilities are supported by Intel Audience Impression Metrics (AIM) Suite running on Intel processors.

Costa Express self-serve coffee bars support telemetry for sending a wide variety of useful information, typically in the DEX (Data Exchange standard) format, to vending operators and company headquarters. This information enables operators to improve operational efficiency, such as route optimization, preemptive repairs and cash management.

When I blogged earlier about Intel being at the heart of IT at HP Discover, a coffee machine is not exactly what I had in mind. But as I peer into new cups of cappuccino, enjoying every sip, I can’t help but wonder if there’s Intel inside?

Is this where technology is headed in 2039 when HP turns 100? I wonder – as a smarter person enjoying the cappuccino served up by a smart device from Costa Express. Time for a second cup!

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