Accelerating 5G innovation through a vibrant ecosystem

When the Smart China Expo opens next week in Chongqing, in western China, it will be an exciting touchpoint for our customers and partners, for the local government, and for Intel as well. It will also be yet another reminder of what is possible when you combine technology, partnerships and momentum.

Helping our partners and customers accelerate their 5G and edge innovations in our fast-changing data-centric world is a big goal of Intel’s FPGA Innovation Center, which we launched in December 2018. Located in Chongqing, western China’s emerging Silicon Valley, the Innovation Center helps our ecosystem partners quickly develop cutting-edge customized solutions for the cloud, communications and embedded markets.

Since the center’s launch, the energy has been palpable and the early momentum exciting. For example, the center’s Cloud Acceleration Lab has so far welcomed more than 50 companies and universities who use our cloud services to develop their applications and solutions. Thanks to the lab’s infrastructure—including a large range of Intel programmable acceleration cards (PACs), high-end servers, networks, and security devices—our partners and customers can focus totally on their own development work.

That’s just one example of the deep, broad resources and talent we’re bringing together in the Innovation Center, with collaboration from strategic partners and from every part of Intel. Innovation Center partners include Dell EMC, AW Cloud, Zhi Xin Technology, and Terasic. All know Intel well, including Intel China and my own team, the Network and Custom Logic Group.

We’re drawing from all of Intel to support one of the Innovation Center’s key missions: incubating new startups and cultivating FPGA talent and application research in concert with Chinese FPGA research and development professionals from top universities. This ecosystem is the path to breakthroughs—in China and worldwide.

At the Smart China Expo we’ll be talking a lot about 5G and edge—both its promise and our great progress as a collaborative ecosystem. From cloud to network and the edge, 5G runs on Intel, and our work in China reflects Intel’s global leadership role and major commitment to 5G’s advance. We are one of tech’s biggest R&D investors in leading-edge 5G technologies, spanning network and edge compute, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. What’s driving us? The big-picture promise of 5G. Because while 4G was synonymous with speedy phones, we see 5G as enabling a seamless, intelligent environment, where computing is fluid, intelligent, pervasive, and immediate. In this bigger picture, Intel 5G solutions are leveraging the massive performance of the data center to distribute intelligence from network edge to cloud, with Intel’s technologies embedded throughout the entire 5G value chain.

We’re working to ensure that Intel and our partners deliver the network and edge transformations that will enable this 5G-based intelligent society. The market opportunities are tremendous, for sure, with significant growth forecast in the next three years alone. But the most exciting opportunities are in the experiences this transformation will enable. For both consumers and businesses, expectations are high for all sorts of diverse services—and they should be. Now it’s our shared job to inspire and fuel our ecosystem to deliver a network that is more intelligent, flexible and cloud-ready.

The Smart China Expo will explore these and other key topics via a who’s who of leaders and luminaries from across China and across our industry, including our major partners in mobility and infrastructure: China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba. Join us there if you can. After the conference I’ll share more details about what we’re doing and insights I gain from the Expo—all part of our shared efforts to fuel an innovation ecosystem in China that delivers global impact for all our customers. Stay tuned.

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Dan McNamara

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Daniel (Dan) McNamara is senior vice president and general manager of the Network and Custom Logic Group (NCLG) at Intel Corporation. In this role, McNamara leads a global organization that delivers maximum value for Intel’s customers across the Cloud, Enterprise, Network/5G, Embedded, and IOT markets. He is responsible for the group’s product lines and business strategies, focused on powering a broad portfolio of Intel products that includes Xeon, SoC, FPGA, eASIC, Full custom, software, IP, Systems and solutions. McNamara joined Intel in December 2015, upon close of Intel’s acquisition of Altera Corporation, where he served in various leadership roles, including vice president and general manager of Altera’s Embedded Division. McNamara has more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to Intel and Altera, McNamara served as director of Sales at StargGen Inc. and as co-founder and vice president of startup Semitech Solutions Inc. McNamara received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both in electrical engineering, from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.​