Accelerating the Pace of Data Center Innovation


The pace of innovation in the data center is relentless and has been driven by Intel and Moore’s Law for decades. 2017 is shaping up to be no different. This year’s innovation will be built on decades of continuous investment in Intel architecture, and will further propel data center capabilities into the forefront of business innovation, across every industry. With each new generation of technology, Intel and our global ecosystem partners have consistently delivered double-digit performance growth and new capabilities that catalyzed the economic shift to digitally propelled business models. The innovation driven through this rapid pace of technology advancement continues to inspire – from accelerating precision medicine to transforming communications networks to groundbreaking seismic analysis.

The growth of data, new applications fueled by advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and scale of multi cloud architectures are fueling even more demand for data center infrastructure capability. That’s why I’m excited about the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors, codenamed Skylake, which is already being embraced by a wide range of cloud providers and leading enterprises around the world. Google recently announced that Skylake is now powering the Google Cloud Platform. Skylake is specifically architected to support the tremendous performance, scale, security, agility and reliability that today’s data centers and hybrid clouds will rely on for their next wave of growth, and builds on the success of the current Intel Xeon processor family, which holds more than 70 performance world records.*

Of course, the data center isn’t only about Intel Xeon processors – that’s why we look at data center solutions holistically. From CPU architecture to storage and connectivity to software, we work with industry leaders to drive solutions optimization that accelerates actionable insights. This year we’ll deliver exciting new technologies resulting from our continued investment in the data center including the next-generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor (codenamed to Knights Mill), revolutionary new Intel® Optane™ SSDs, and new Intel® Nervana™ AI solutions. We’ll also continue our deep collaboration with the software and security ecosystem, to maximize the performance and trust of Intel-based platforms.

We’ve also heard that this year AMD is returning to servers with “Naples” after being out of the server market segment for years. We take all competition seriously, but based on our proven track record, broad product portfolio and strong customer focus, we’re confident in both our performance leadership and our roadmap for continued innovation. We believe our customers deserve processors and systems designed from the ground up for the data center and optimized for real world applications, not a desktop processor dressed up in server clothing. When AMD ships Naples, we expect our latest-generation Intel Xeon processors to compete very well where it matters the most – performance of customers’ real-world workloads.

In the meantime, check back here for future blog posts where we’ll provide more information about the breadth of data center innovation being driven by Intel and our partner ecosystem, as well as dig in a bit more on some of the competition’s claims as we to continue to seek the opportunity to earn your business.


*See & for details about our world-record performance.