Achieve More With Xeon E5 Optimized Software

Bestselling author James C. Collins is well known for the oft-used axiom: “Good is the enemy of great.” In short, settling for what works is always going to keep you from doing your best. It’s a mentality that makes a lot of sense when considering software upgrades.

Sure, your processors might be getting the job done, but is that going to keep you ahead of the competition? Businesses that optimize their software with Xeon E5 v4 processors, seeking the constant improvement modern business demands, are
seeing real value as a result. Check out six businesses that didn’t just settle for good and took advantage of Intel processing power to accelerate operations, launch better clouds, and shatter performance walls.

infographic achieve more with software optimized for xeon E5 processors
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Kingsoft Cloud

Thanks to a Xeon E5 upgrade paired with Intel AVX2, Kingsoft Cloud — one of China’s largest software companies — increased customer satisfaction with 39 percent faster processing speeds to their image cloud. That’s how you stay ahead of the pack.


Focused on cloud optimization, AppFormix wants to live up to the promise of delivering top-notch cloud performance. With Xeon E5 and Intel Resource Director Technology, AppFormix prioritized resources, cut through co-tenant bandwidth monopolization, and improved performance by 27 percent.

Turbo Systems

Video is the future, making video processing and broadcasting key issues in a competitive field. Turbo Systems, focused on innovating and leading that field, achieved real-time 8K video with Xeon E5 and thread-optimized software. Video decoding was 13 percent faster to support broadcasting in 8K video.


With the additional cores in Xeon E5, Paradigm took their seismic imaging to new depths and achieved more complex analyses in their EarthStudy 360 software. At 18 cores, performance jumped 25 percent. With 22 cores, improvement rose to 43 percent. There’s a difference you can see.


When your aim is to help clients turn high-fidelity models into products faster, every performance gain counts. ANSYS Mechanical 17.0, leveraging additional cores and boosted memory with Xeon E5, saw a 70 percent performance increase. Now that’s fast.

Tata Consultancy

In the financial market, timeliness is crucial. Tata Consultancy can’t settle for simply good performance when processing massive amounts of data to calculate credit risk. With Xeon E5’s additional cores, larger cache, and faster memory, Tata Consultancy was able to keep achieving greatness by delivering financial risk estimation 46 percent faster.

Stop settling for good; aim for great. Learn more about Xeon E5’s advanced performance capabilities and see how it can take your business to the next level.

By Mike Pearce, Ph.D. HPC Developer Evangelist