Amazing session on the Big Data revolution at HP Discover

Ready to be amazed by Intel at HP Discover, I tuned into the live stream of Patrick Buddenbaum's session on technologies for the next Big Data revolutionbut for a different reason. Notwithstanding the innovative technological advances that Buddenbaum shared, what stood out for me was Intel
Fellow Eric Dishman
, sharing his personal encounter with Big Data, and how it helped him overcome his life threatening challenge. Welcome Back, Dishman. Thank you, Big Data. Amazing!

Business Intelligence as a concept dates back to 1865.  The proper application of the right data to glean valuable insight goes even farther back.  World leaders (such as Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi) have effectively applied Big Data techniques over the years to meet a specific objective.

After losing to Stephen Douglas in the Senate Race of 1858, President Abraham Lincolncommunicated his ideals directly to the masses through the effective Big Data newspapers. In 1860, his campaign distributed more than a 100,000 copies of pamphlets of his life story, a written viral campaign (Big Data in action) that he would cover in hundreds of speeches.

The architect of the Indian Independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi chose a medium that connected one and all at the dining table – salt. Drawing a global pool of journalists to cover the 20-day Salt March. Gandhi applied Big Data media to lead India to its independence in 1947.

Leaders like Lincoln and Gandhi used the Big Data mechanisms of their time that most effectively served their goal.

Dishman did as well over the past 25 years.  He was initially diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. “Prepare to die in two years,” was the message he was given.

Enter a fellow patient who suggested to Dishman “Get thy data.” Dishman looked up research material at the library carving out his own
path for a couple of decades.

More recently, his kidney finally failed.

Enter Genomics.  Buddenbaum characterizes it as a Big Data Imperative and an opportunity to change the world – with the application of innovative technologies from HP Labs and Intel Labs.  It certainly changed Dishman’s world.  It gave him life!  What used to take years - Navigation of the Big Data traffic Jam - is taking weeks today and could take minutes tomorrow.

Intel Genomics.png

Over a period of 4 weeks, Dishman had his whole genome sequenced and shipped 5TB of data to the doctors.  Analysis revealed that the problem had been misdiagnosed all these years. Appropriate remedial measures were taken once the root cause was properly diagnosed.

Today, Intel Fellow Eric Dishman is the GM of the Health and Life Sciences Group. He takes pleasure in being categorized as being medically boring.

While innovative technologies are vital to the Big Data evolution, the art lies in its effective application.  Lincoln and Gandhi demonstrated this in
yesteryears.  Thought leaders like Dishman do in today’s times.

Isn’t it fun to be medically boring?

If you have any doubts, just ask Dishman who might simply pay it forward in three words: “Get thy data!” Amazing!

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