An Interview with Intel IT CIO

Diane Bryant, our CIO, recently did an interview with ZDNet Asia. She covered a wide variety of topics including her job in Intel and hot topics among her CIO peers. Here are some key points covered. Or, head over to the article to read the full interview.

  • CIO's job at Intel IT

  • Increased dependency between business and IT

  • Tough economy... meant we needed to be much more disciplined in presenting ROI to CFO to get funding

  • Justified replacment of 20,000 servers by saving Intel US$19 million dollars

  • Popular topics among CIOs: consumerization, videoconferencing, data center efficiency

  • BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer to work

  • Top project for 2010: Windows 7 deployment

How did you see 2009 and what is your top project for 2010? Please share your thoughts below.