An IT Executive RoundTable Discussion on the Future of Data Centers

We've got some questions ready for these senior executives from Intel IT, Data Center Pulse, and The Green Grid about their perspectives on the

current and future state of data centers. The roundtable participants include:

  • Kim Stevenson, VP and GM of Intel IT Global Operations and Services, Intel

  • Mark Thiele, President, Data Center Pulse

  • Dan Azevedo, Chairman of the Metrics and Measurements Working Group, The Green Grid

You can join these senior executives on September 8th from 11:00 – 12:00 Pacific Time as they discuss their perspectives on the future of data centers.

Our questions include topic like:
- What is the current state of data centers?
- Where do they need to evolve?
- What does IT need to take into consideration when planning to support the business needs of the future?
- What are the problems we will face?

If you don't like our questions, you will be able to submit your own to the panel live during the web session.

Register Now at:

See you there. Chris