Announcing Intel Nervana AI Academy


On behalf of all at Intel who are focused everyday on supporting you to build, optimize and innovate on Intel architecture, I am proud to announce the launch of Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy.

We’re at a great moment in the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) that will open up incredible new experiences fueling the next wave of business opportunity, scientific discovery, and societal improvement. After decades of collectively advancing Intel architecture, we have reached the point that Moore’s Law is creating new opportunities for the data science community.  We’re now supporting artificial intelligence as an enablement technology, through optimized machine and deep learning, providing developers new ways to add value to solutions and applications.

Intel is investing heavily in AI and you. The academy is a selection of the very best analytics tools and resources that we believe will enable you to shape our lives in countless new ways and accelerate our community’s advancements.  We’re all ready to embrace AI solutions that assist society in health, industrial & energy efficiency, safety and bringing technology to the next level of usefulness.

With this new program, we extend access to a suite of optimized frameworks, documentation, tutorials and training, and the guidance to apply our best practices towards your work. The Academy will bring Intel’s experts to you, including the very engineers who are behind our industry-leading optimizations.

Academy Will Serve Three Groups: Academia, Professionals, and Startups

The Academia track enables students and professors to work with Intel software engineers or apply Intel enabling resources to academic curriculum, projects and research efforts. We recognize the significant breakthroughs that continue to emerge from academia, and through Nervana™ AI Academy, Intel will partner with universities to identify, sponsor and recognize students who aspire to innovate with our machine learning and deep learning solutions.

The Professional track accelerates the opportunity for data scientists in the technology industry and enterprises to continue growing skills and develop new AI capabilities into applications.  You’ll find essentials to get started with Intel technology shortening your learning curve and helping you deliver valuable solutions quickly. Certification programs through published training programs are now available, designed to bring you from beginner to expert, teaching you how to maximize solution performance on Intel-based platforms

The Startup track engages a large group of companies that are launching in waves, providing innovative ways to derive insights and value from data and other sources. Startups are rapidly bringing to market accessible services capable of recognizing and building insights on images, video, speech, movement, even emotion. The Academy offers unique support to those teams setting out to deliver new AI solutions that have never been seen before.

Meetups, Onsite Training, and More

For all who take part in the Academy, the engagement goes well beyond an online experience. The Academy will host meetups, offer onsite, online and event based training, plus an ongoing expansion of enablement activities.  Part of the charter will break down virtual walls and bring Intel’s team, the data science and developer community, and all of the resources a company like Intel can provide directly to you.

With feedback from industry leaders and members of our community, we’ll offer more resources to help organizations build an artificial intelligence strategy that will help them build AI solutions.

This includes guidance on not just using our frameworks and technology, but also advancing ways to collect data, analyze it efficiently and deliver value on insights. Take, for example, tutorials offered around Caffe* optimized for Intel architecture, a popular Deep Learning framework that provides an easy way for developers and data scientists of any level to create their first image recognition service.

Open Source Pledge

Our commitment focuses on ensuring that AI capabilities and reach and be available to everyone. Extending our decades-long commitment to open source, our very best software is openly available. Source code is shared through GitHub where we continue to work with the community to collectively advance these projects for everyone’s benefit.

We will also accept and feature special engagements where Intel, through the Academy and related efforts, builds a portfolio of collaboration with meaningful charities and organizations that apply data - AI and analytics for good. Through this program, Intel continues to invest in making sure AI is used to better society. For students and developers new to AI, collaborating on AI for good projects creates a meaningful and highly valuable experience.

As Chief Developer Advocate for AI and Analytics solutions, I encourage you to immerse yourself in AI and join us to build a bold new future. We welcome you to Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy and pledge to be actively involved, supportive and embracing as you get started, optimize and innovate with us. Join the community of developers and data scientists working with us today.