Another Win in the Battle Against Botnets!

Congratulations.jpgAnother job well done by the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU).  My heroes and heroines at the DCU partnered with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), the FBI, and technology industry leaders to takedown another major botnet.  The third such milestone this year alone.  The Sirefef botnet, also known as ZeroAccess, has infected approximately two million computers worldwide and Microsoft estimates the cost to online advertisers at ~$2.7 million each month.

The DCU has several major botnet takedowns, including Citadel, Bamital, Zeus, and Rustock.  In my opinion they are the elite group fighting for all of us when it comes to actively interdicting this type of scourge.

This supports my Top 10 Security Predictions for 2013 and Beyond that attackers would be targeted with more ferocity from governments, service providers and organizations worldwide.  Feel free to check out my other predictions. 

Another well-earned congratulations to the hard working Microsoft folks in the DCU.  Well done, never give an inch, and keep pressing forward in this seemingly never-ending battle. 

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