App stores a harbinger of touch in the enterprise? Yep.

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Touch-Enabled PCs in the Enterprise

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog on the emergence of enterprise app stores as a way for IT to gain better control. Today, I want to go one step further: I believe that enterprise app stores mark the beginning of touch-enabled PCs at work.

For consumers, app stores have become the de facto standard for delivering productivity tools, games, and content. As smart phones and other mobile devices become a part of everyday business, CIOs are realizing the power of app stores in the enterprise—both to achieve greater control and to deliver applications optimized for work streams.

Touch is next out of the gates

IT isn’t paring down these apps for mobile devices; on the contrary, it’s optimizing them for touch-based interfaces. And there’s no need for compromise. By building an app strategy that focuses on touch with the Windows* 8 operating system on an Intel®-based device, organizations can get the enterprise-grade solution they need while users get the devices and experiences they love.

Just the other day, I was dialing a colleague using my laptop’s softphone and thinking how much easier it would be to simply touch the numbers on-screen like I’m able to do on my phone. It’s a faster, smoother, and more natural interaction.

Where do you stand on touch-enabled PCs in the enterprise? Which business apps would you want to be touch-enabled first?

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