Are you the 1 in 10 that will have your laptop stolen this year?

Malcolm Harkins, our CISO, recently published a blog “Clear Focus on Risk Leads to Laptop Security” discussing how the odds of having your laptop stolen or missing is one in ten! This represents not only costs in terms of hardware, but the loss of IP and confidential data is nearly priceless. Seventy percent of companies in a recent study admit to doing nothing to protect their laptops and data. No encryption.  No back-up.  No antitheft technologies. Is that because they misperceive the risk? The misperception of risk can blindside you.

See how Intel IT approaches this idea in a presentation given by Malcolm, The Misperception of Risk, and this blog by my colleague Chris Peters on the same topic: Information Security Best Practices from Intel ITWhat do you think of this approach?  Malcolm and his team have driven down Intel’s number of wayward laptops to less that 1 percent, about 700 computers a year.  That’s 5 to 10 times fewer than any of the companies in the study.