Atom for the Data Center: Matching the Right Solution for Workload Requirements

When Intel Announced the first 6W, 64 bit processor for servers a couple weeks ago with the introduction of its first Atom SoC for the data center, many folks were interested to hear about how Atom fits into Intel’s broader data center strategy.  To get the inside scoop, I decided to chat with Raejeanne Skillern, Intel’s director of cloud marketing and frequent guest on my Chip Chat program.

Raejeanne and I chatted about why Intel decided to drive Atom to the data center, what specific customer requirements were driving this development, and who was expected to deploy Atom platforms…and for what purpose. The short story: as it has many times in the past, Intel is utilizing Atom to address a pretty specific need in the data center for low compute intensive workloads where extreme density is required.  And the good news is that our webscale data center customers who are expected to deploy these platforms will benefit from the common instruction set architecture with our existing Xeon platforms today, meaning that the software running these workloads on Xeon today can easily migrate to Atom tomorrow.