Annemieke Akkermans

Annemieke Akkermans

Annemieke Akkermans teaches English, ES, Media Skills and Art at the Nelson Mandela School in Berlin, an international state school that offers the German “Abitur” as well as the International Baccalaureate. She is an avid user of education technology in the classroom and regularly shares her favorite “Cool Tools” on the NMS website. She also works for the LISUM, the federal institute for schools and media of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Annemieke is head of IT for all three campuses of the Nelson Mandela School. She is a connected educator on Twitter (@Shelearner) and host of educational websites ‘Technology in the Classroom’ and ‘Computing At School Berlin’.

Annemieke is an Intel Education Visionary, a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Teacher and an ed tech expert for the annual Digita Awards. She provides workshops, training and lectures on media education and coding for all in English, German, and Dutch.

Annemieke has a Master of Communication Science & Media and a Bachelor of Education and is now researching the impact of the new media curriculum which will be implemented in the 2017/18 school year.

Annemieke was born in the Netherlands and has been living abroad for more than twenty years. She now lives in Berlin with her husband and 3 teenage kids.