Best of Data Center Efficiency and Green Technology from 2011:

As technology progresses, energy and data center efficiency become a very important consideration. Not only is data center efficiency a crucial factor to a sustainable planet, but it can also save you from increasing costs of energy usage. This year provided some great insight into the importance of data center efficiency. Let’s take a moment to look back on some of our content surrounding this topic.

We Read

Turning the Tide: Thee Simple Imperatives for the Energy Efficient Data Center by Winston Saunders

Energy Efficient Technology beyond the Data Center: Energy Proportionality of Xeon travels to Prague by Winston Saunders

The Difference Between Energy and Power: Why It Matters to the CIO by Winston Saunders

Power and Energy Efficiency: Double Your Benefit by Winston Saunders

The Efficient Data Center: Why I’m attending the Green Grid Tech Forum by Winston Saunders

Top Green IT: Making it Happen by Winston Saunders

The Elephant in your Data Center: Inefficient Servers by Winston Saunders

We Watched:

During IDF 2011, we had a technical session where we reviewed the challenges affecting data center efficiency and the solutions available now to address these issues.

We also learned how instrumentation delivered on Intel Xeon processors can improve data center efficiency. Similarly, Intel Power Node Manager can also optimize and manage power and cooling resources in the data center.

We listened:

To Intel® Chip Chat - Inside Facebook's New Data Center where Facebook's Lead of Hardware Design Amir Michael and Intel's Director of Cloud Marketing on the impressive innovation in data center efficiency resulting from 18 months of collaboration.

Also on Intel® Chip Chat we learned about SUE: A New Way to Measure Datacenter Efficiency where Mike Patterson and Winston Saunders, who both work on datacenter efficiency at Intel, talk about developing a new measurement to go hand-in-hand with PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) called SUE (Server Usage Effectiveness).

As each day passes, Green IT becomes a more important topic in the technology industry. Moving into 2012, what are some of your thoughts on the future of efficiency? Do you think sustainability will play a role in new innovations? How important is energy efficiency to you? Let us know what you think in your comments below.

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