Best of Mission Critical Technologies from 2011: Big Data, BI, Itanium, and More!

Whether it’s a small business or enterprise level, mission critical software and big data are both very important factors in any organization. This year, Intel had some interesting discussions surrounding business continuity, mission critical and big data. In case you missed it, here is some of the best content on those topics from 2011.

We Read:

Breakthrough Server Innovations and Economics on New Xeon E7 series Servers by Pauline Nist

Benchmarks vs. the Real World: Reality Check by Pauline Nist

Some Big Data Needs Big Memory (and Big Processing) by Mitchell Shults

Mission Critical Solutions at IDF by Pauline Nist

We Watched

Intel’s Mission Critical General Manager Pauline Nist and Jim Totton, VP Platform Business Unit of Red Hat, talked about the collaboration and value Intel and Red Hat bring to enterprise mission critical computing.

Industry expert analysts and executives from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Intel commented on new data security challenges in Mission Critical Software Ecosystem Innovation.

Patrick Buddenbaum of Intel’s Mission Critical team and Richard Jackson, Colfax International Technical Director, explained the benefits of transitioning to Intel Xeon processors for mission critical business needs.

Intel’s Pauline Nist and Juan Loaiza, senior vice president of systems technology at Oracle, discussed the key features of the Xeon processor families that help make Oracle Exadata a world class mission-critical database machine. 

We Listened

Big Data expert Mitch Shults talked with Allyson Klein about the history and future of mission critical computing.

Allyson Klein and Pauline Nist chatted about mission critical technology and Itanium, recorded live from IDF 2011.

It’s been a big year for mission critical software and big data. What do you think the next year will bring? Let us know what you think, and comment below!

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