Best practice to share content with a developer community

We have no lack of best practices and guidance to give our development community. Over the last 18 months, with our internal mobility ramp up and development transformation, what we need to share has blown through the ceiling.

Historically we have quite the mixture of content, stored all over the place:

  • Document repositories (many)
  • Blogs
  • Static websites (scattered)
  • SharePoint sites (too many to count)
  • Project repositories
  • Program repositories

That content is not easily blended into a useful solution. Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to help solve this, and I've had a mixed experience looking at some and tweaking to try and deliver the best experience for the consumer. In this instance, the developers are my consumer and developer experience is my focus.

Yes there are best-in-class implementations in several mobile-development communities, those solutions have been tweaked (or custom written) to solve specific problems:

  • Copy-paste of code
  • Graphic integration
  • Flow
  • Bookmark
  • Navigation trees
  • Search

What is your experience implementing your solution inside your enterprise?

Are you having luck increasing the value of content towards developer experience?