Beyond Gaming: Virtual Reality for Small Business

It might seem like a science fiction movie, but virtual reality has finally hit the market, and the potential applications for this revolutionary technology are endless. Yes, even for small businesses. Though it’s predominantly seen only as a method for gaming at the moment, companies are quickly discovering new business applications for VR consoles.


Beyond Gaming

This tech does have enormous potential for gaming. Developers have created numerous games for VR headsets, and the results are impressive. If developers are able to build such immersive and enjoyable games, imagine what they could do in other areas.

Virtual reality is already finding purpose in some industries. There are the obvious avenues, like education and travel, but forward thinkers are finding ways to use VR to make hospital stays more enjoyable and treat certain mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. And this is just beginning. As this new technology settles into the mainstream, consumers and businesses will discover new applications that change the way we live. What kind of opportunities will there be for business? It’s not too far-fetched to imagine virtual reality changing the way work is done in medicine, architecture, or interior design.

Forward Thinking

Large corporations are seeing the potential in this new technology, jumping at the chance to find applications for their own companies. Lowe’s, Toms, and The North Face are all using VR consoles in select stores, offering customers the chance to see products in a whole new context. At Lowe’s, the virtual reality element means customers can pick out items and virtually see them in the room where they’ll live — complete with the room’s color, finishings, and other details.

And consumers are hungry for it. Since smartphones gave rise to VR’s predecessor, augmented reality, businesses have been looking for newer and better ways to engage with customers. While augmented reality apps are able to show potential customers which storefronts have unanimously positive reviews and which are offering special sales, virtual reality has the potential to create a more immersive experience that could completely change the way we search for and buy products and services.

Virtual Reality for Small Business

You might think it’s absurd to suggest there could be VR applications for your small business, but it’s inevitable. As the technology becomes more affordable and larger numbers of consumers pick up consoles, new uses for VR will naturally emerge. And the possibilities for small businesses are, perhaps, the most interesting. Imagine customers walking through your store, seeing your products, and even picking them up or trying them on — all in a virtual world.

This is an exciting time to be a small business. New technology is giving entrepreneurs the chance to compete with big businesses like never before. There’s no telling how new tech, like virtual reality, will change the way we live, but it’s easy to see that it’s bound to change the way we do business.

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