BGP Develops Cutting-Edge Tool for Exploring the Earth

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BGP.jpgAs the country's No. 1 engineering and technical services company specializing in geophysical exploration, China National Petroleum (BGP) looks for oil and gas. BGP’s powerful processing system is a key part of its business. But with a growing number of data processing and interpretation functions, the UNIX*-based system couldn’t keep up.

BGP urgently needed a new-generation processing system to handle high-performance processing tasks. Intel developed the new processing system for BGP based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family. BGP has improved its computing capability in data processing and interpretation as well as its technological capabilities in oil surveying. Test results show the new system has doubled BGP’s data processing and interpretation performance.

“With the Intel® architecture-based platform replacing the existing UNIX platform, our system can demonstrate more powerful functions in data processing and interpretation,” said Lai Neng-He, the chief engineer of the BGP Processing Center.

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