Big Data is a Big Deal

I attended the 2103 Grace Hopper Celebration, a women in computer conference with 4800 technical women participating. There I had the opportunity to attend a lively panel session on Big Data. After spending around 2 seconds on the proliferation of data in our digitized world problem statement, the panelists launched right into a focused discussion on how big data analytics helps us unlock the value and gain insights. They acknowledged the hype, yet stressed the point that every company needs a core data competency, must be accountable to uphold security and privacy regulation and need to deliver better performance and tuning (users expect responses quickly).

The panel went on to discuss about career opportunities and the gaps businesses have right now in filling positions for qualified data scientists who have both the business acumen, programming and statistical knowledge necessary to unlock and visualize the data, so the business can make better decisions faster.

Returning to my job as a Social Media Evangelist in Intel’s Information Technology Group, I realized that the Big Data Edition of our Intel IT Business

Review mobile app (for smart phones) and digital magazine (for tablets) was about to be released. As I have been testing the app and reading the articles in the app, I am struck by how much progress Intel IT has made on its own Big Data Journey.

aziz cover.png

There’s some really good stuff - you can download the Intel IT Big Data Edition of the Intel IT Business Review mobile app and digital magazine right now.

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What you’ll find in the Intel IT Big Data Edition of the Intel IT Business Review:

General Manager of Enterprise Capabilities, Aziz Safa, outlines the past, present, and future of Intel IT’s big data journey. You can also read about our multi-platform BI strategy and the $100 million opportunities we are pursuing for the corporation. Listen to radio shows and download IT@Intel whitepapers in this edition —all focused on big data.


So if you are interested in Big Data be sure to check it out. And be sure to connect with Aziz Safa on Twitter @azsafa. He’d love to get your input and hear what you are doing around big data and analytics.