Big Data Meets the Electric Grid

Experts working to modernize today's electric grid infrastructure have learned the challenge is just as much about data and communication as it is about energy. Big data and analytics are giving utilities a much deeper glimpse into energy generation, distribution and consumption across the grid than ever before, empowering them with information to make important decisions on their infrastructure and services. In order to prepare for this new era, utilities are increasingly looking to partner with technology innovators to prepare their ICT infrastructure for next-generation products and services.

Watch this video from industry leaders at Pecan Street and ERCOT who share key insights gained from their transformative work.

The ability to analyze and make sense of big data has profound potential to transform the way utilities approach their physical infrastructure as well as their business models. This potential remains largely untapped as the technology and techniques have traditionally been either too rigid or too expensive to initiate in a practical sense.

However, high speed computing systems along with open source software for storing and processing large volumes of diverse data on scalable server clusters has emerged as the preferred platform for managing big data today. A great example is the

Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software, the only open source platform for big data with support from a Fortune 100 company.

Organizations like ERCOT and other grid operators are looking at big data to figure out how to spot trends, implement demand response measures, and make real time decisions. The proliferation of devices being connected in the Internet of Things, the amount of data and potential for insights will only increase.

Check out the video and let us know how you see big data and analytics transforming the smart grid.