Big Data Webinar Series: 3. Big Data in Clinical Medicine: Bringing the Benefits of Genome-Aware Medicine to Cancer Patients – Available On-Demand

The 3rd and final webinar in Frost & Sullivan’s series on Big Data in Healthcare took place recently and is now available to view on-demand. The webinar is a must-watch for healthcare leaders and features some very practical advice on how to get the most value from the data your organizations holds.

Greg Caressi, Sr. VP of Transformational Health at Frost & Sullivan, opened with an overview of how providers are leveraging big data platforms to drive health, concluding with ‘the real bottleneck is in turning data into knowledge’.

David Delaney, MD, Chief Medical Officer at SAP Healthcare, took the conversation forward by sharing his thoughts on how HANA® Healthcare In-Memory simplifies and accelerates data analysis for healthcare providers. Intel and SAP have a long-standing relationship and have worked together on SAP HANA® since 2005.

Finally, Kevin Fitzpatrick, CEO of ASCO CancerLinQ, gave a fantastic presentation on shaping the future of cancer through rapid learning. A brilliant insight into really important work for the cancer community.

Listen to this webinar now on-demand and don’t forget that if you missed the first two webinars you can also view them today using the links below:

  • Watch Webinar 3: Big Data in Clinical Medicine: Bringing the Benefits of Genome-Aware Medicine to Cancer Patients
  • Watch Webinar 2: Predictive Healthcare Analytics in a Big Data World: Use Cases from the Field
  • Watch Webinar 1: Future of Healthcare is Today: Leveraging Big Data
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