Bringing Big Data to Life in Enterprise

I am looking forward to opportunity to supporting Intel’s efforts at Cisco Live in Milan during the final week of January.  I will be meeting with clients and speaking about some of the unique performance attributes of the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop. I hope if you are coming, you will stop by and share your experiences and questions.  One of the foundational things that we can do to support our businesses is to evaluate our underlying architecture to ready our organizations for taking advantage of what big data and more unstructured and/or dynamic analytics can bring to the business.

As an architect, and I know there will be many of us at the event, we are by design the go-to individuals for implementing and assessing technical capabilities  for our businesses.  With respect to capability like “big data” we face the challenge of its pervasive presence across a variety of media sources. Sometimes, what I will call the “business translation” view in places like The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, and other very reputable business publications espouse the virtues of “big data” for our executives in a steady stream while  imposing nearly magical qualities to how “big data” referenced very generically will save the business and create competitive separation. Mind you, the potential as we know is certainly there, but as technology leaders, we know that there are some ways in which our organizations may need to walk before they run to reap the value. 

As you prepare yourself and your team to tackle those details for your organization, you may find this white paper on predictive analytics helpful.  If you are headed to Milan, you may just have some cycles for reading on a plane or train! When you get there, please stop by and see our demonstrations in the Intel booth with SAS, EMC, and Cisco regarding technology you can use. 

I look forward to great dialogue and sharing in an event like Cisco Live where experts across networking, applications, security, storage and computing will be in full force.  In larger organizations, preparing for big data means assuring we are not planning or in worse cases reacting from the confines of functional expertise silos - networking, applications, security, storage, compute, etc, - but creating a resilient architecture for the future together.