Bringing the Future to Life in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

We know the future because we’re building it. That’s the theme for Intel’s latest global B2B marketing campaign.  It encapsulates our focus on fueling the work of amazing innovators who are driving advancements in technology that will change the world for the better.

New Lab innovation workshop bringing future life to Brooklyn Naval Yard
New Lab is based in the 84,000-square-foot former Brooklyn Naval Yard

Today, this future-forward focus — which is much broader than the leading-edge processors Intel is known for — is apparent in our work with an exciting young public-private partnership called New Lab. Based in an 84,000-square-foot former machine shop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New Lab supports advances in new technology, new hardware and new manufacturing in Brooklyn. Providing wide-ranging resources for people working in emerging fields - from robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to connected devices and sustainable energy – New Lab gives innovators access to prototyping labs, advanced tools and a community of their peers.

10xBeta team at the New Lab facility
10xBeta team at the New Lab facility

Intel is completely inspired by the amazing work taking hold today by the 450 entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers working on-site daily at New Lab.  We knew we had to be a part of it and help further the efforts of these incredible innovators.  With that in mind, I’m excited to share that we’ve joined New Lab as a member and, together with Lenovo, launched an “Innovation Workshop” within the New Lab space.

The Innovation Workshop gives New Lab members access to the latest and greatest technology, including new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and developer kits that accelerate time to results with advanced technologies. The workshop includes a variety of interactive demos that enable New Lab members to gain hands-on experience with leading-edge technologies for AI object detection, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones and more.

Working with Social Bicycles in the Innovation Workshop
Collaboration at Social Bicycles in the New Lab space

At a more personal level, the Innovation Workshop gives New Lab members direct access to a technologist, who is on site three days a week for one-on-one interactions. Additionally, Intel will be hosting series of events to explore new technologies and issues of interest to New Lab members.

At just over a year old, New Lab is bringing lots of new and exciting ideas to life.  Here’s just a small sample of the innovations from the more than 95 New Lab member companies:

  • Dog Parker places networks of high-tech, Internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalks outside of stores where dogs aren’t allowed, giving retail businesses an easy way to serve their dog-loving customers.
  • Fero Labs offers a cutting-edge industrial machine learning platform, specializing in data analytics and machine-learning for the smart factory.
  • StrongArm Technologies offers a product, V22 ErgoSkeleton™, that leverages sensors and data analytics capabilities to help workers safely lift heavy boxes.
  • Studio Bitonti uses a unique methodology to identify emerging trends in technology and culture to help companies make design decisions for new products, software solutions, and manufacturing products.
Honeybee Robotics in the innovation shop at New Lab
Honeybee Robotics in the New Lab "Innovation Workshop"

That’s just a few examples of the New Lab members’ innovations and the highly creative people driving them. It’s exciting to see how these innovators are leveraging leading-edge technologies, and the resources of the Innovation Workshop, to turn brilliant ideas into market-ready products and services that drive business transformation.

For a closer look at the work being done these highly creative companies, take a moment to explore the New Lab Member Directory.