Building Value with Intel Storage Builders


My dad is a contractor, so I grew up watching how things get built. Whether it was building a new home with the latest technology, a cost-conscious home remodel or a major restoration of a historic structure, the process was always the same. Dad would assemble a team of subcontractors who had the right skills and tools for the job at hand and then get down to work.

Naturally, I can’t help but see the parallels between my dad’s construction business and the new Intel® Storage Builders program. Like my dad’s business, Intel Storage Builders is designed to bring together teams of people who will work to address common challenges in order to better serve their customers. In this case, the teams will be composed of world-class technology leaders who will work together in a partner ecosystem.

Intel Storage Builders will create and nurture a collaborative environment that will make it easier to innovate, build, and operate next-generation storage solutions for enterprises, cloud service providers, and communication service providers.  To share the wealth of knowledge gained through the program, Intel Storage Builder will publish member solution briefs, reference architectures, white papers, technical documentation, and more—all aimed at solution acceleration. In this role, the program will act a central source of information on next-generation solutions that meet a variety of storage use cases.

While the specifics will vary, the next generation storage solutions that will rise from the Intel Storage Builders program will share four common goals: to increase storage performance, scalability, agility, and reliability.

Viewed from a higher level, Intel Storage Builders will help accelerate the transformation of data storage, just as the complementary Intel® Cloud Builders, Intel® Network Builders, and Intel® Fabric Builders programs are accelerating the transformation of cloud, networking, and fabrics. Like those programs, Intel Storage Builders will be part of the overarching Intel® Builders program, which puts the development of next-generation data center solutions on a fast track.

Ultimately, the launch of Intel Storage Builders reflects the fact that we need to make fundamental changes in our approaches to storage to keep pace with data growth in the era of the digital economy. The math is pretty simple: The rate of data growth combined with increased storage intelligence and cost efficiencies creates an opportunity to explore the new business models using modern data.

With this data deluge in mind, Intel has worked to integrate storage optimization into several generations of CPU platforms. And now the work done by the Intel Storage Builders ecosystem will build on this technology foundation to deliver critically needed storage solutions for the data centers of today and tomorrow.

This brings me back to my dad’s business. While he was a skilled craftsman and a talented manager, he knew he couldn’t do it all himself. He needed his own version of a partner ecosystem to build great things—and that’s the way it is with the Intel Storage Builders program.

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