Built for Small Business: Lenovo All-in-Ones with Intel Ready Mode Technology

Time is money for any business, and for small businesses, every bit of added productivity and extra time is crucial for success. Of course, the ability to do more things while cutting costs is also an appealing prospect for any small business owner.

Understanding this, Lenovo introduced Intel Ready Mode Technology (RMT) into its new Lenovo S Series All-in-One (AIO) PCs designed for small business customers. Intel RMT conserves electricity while enabling these new All-in-Ones to remain always on and always available even when not in use. While in this low-power state, the desktops stay connected to vital services like Skype for Business teleconferencing and email—making sure users never miss important calls and that messages are always synced. They’re also instantly awake and ready the moment that users are—saving all those precious seconds.

Summer Zhao, supervisor of sales operations for Lenovo, explained that Intel RMT allows Lenovo All-in-Ones to give users the same instantly ready, always up-to-date experience we get with our smartphones, now in a desktop PC.

“Our latest range of products designed for small businesses deliver on all fronts and adapt to the way customers work,” said Zhao, “And with Intel Ready Mode, business users are always productive with connected file sharing, chat, remote access, and more.”


A productive team

Intel RMT also partners up seamlessly with Windows 10 and Lenovo REACHit to take productivity to an even higher level.

REACHit enables users to find and access their files across multiple devices and cloud service accounts. Plus, it makes the Windows 10 Cortana digital assistant smarter by giving her powerful contextual file-searching capabilities.

For example, you can tell Cortana to find a document you wrote on Tuesday about model airplanes. Enhanced by REACHit, Cortana can search for the file across multiple Lenovo Windows 10 devices and cloud services at the same time—meaning you only need to know what you’re looking for, not where you saved it. (Watch this combo in action.)

Intel RMT makes this technology team even more productive by making sure a user’s files stored on their Lenovo S Series AIO are always connected and accessible even when the machine is not in use.

“Small business customers want minimum input as far as costs, but maximum output as far as productivity,” adds Zhao. “With Intel RMT, you can improve the PC user experience by offering online usage with remote access anywhere, anytime, to fit the customer’s work schedule and optimize their time.”

S500z_Monitor mode_Win 10 Ministart Cortana.jpg

Meet the Lenovo S Series

Lenovo unveiled the latest Intel RMT-enabled Lenovo S Series All-in-Ones at the IFA Showcase in Berlin last month. These stylish desktops offer small businesses the advanced performance of 6th Generation Intel Core processors and Windows 10 in sleek and clutter-free device.

Lenovo S Series AIOs are available with 19.5-inch, 21.5-inch, or 23-inch HD displays and optional touch controls. Learn about the Lenovo S500Z, S400Z, and S405Z and find the right AIO device for your business here.