Business class is not a luxury

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Business-Class Technology

When we think of business class, it’s usually associated with flying. It’s an upgrade from the usual: premium seats, a little extra leg room, and priority boarding. For a flight that’s a couple hours or longer, it’s clearly a luxury.

However, when it comes to technology in the enterprise, business class is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

It’s far more than a little extra leg room

Business technology is how we make our living. Because we work to live, we care a lot about the technology we use. And the technology we use at home has a distinct impact on the technology experience (and flexibility) we expect at work.

With consumer technology, we might organize and secure photos, play games, and stay in touch via social networks, but with business-class technology, we are securing confidential corporate information and IP, managing customer and employee data, and collaborating with partners to help the organization succeed.

It’s critical to have the right technology in the workplace. I just read an article on that discusses tablets in healthcare and echoes the sentiment, “A good consumer device is not always a good enterprise device.” It’s really about durability, security, and robust performance.

And once you’ve flown business class—or first class, for that matter—it’s hard to go back. I’m going to dive into this topic again soon, and I’d love to get your thoughts.

What technology makes a business-class device? How is it different than a consumer device?

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