BYOC: Time for your corporate system to get a split personality?

I recently did an interview with IT Business Edge around the BYOC concept in the Corporate IT space.

This is an area we have been researching for a couple of years now and I have spent the last 6 months talking to numerous IT shops big and small around consumerization, virtualization and BYOC.  BYOC is very attractive to IT shops for numerous reasons;

  • Gives them the opportunity to get out of the platform management business

  • Can lead to lower Capital costs or IT can in some cases get out of Capitalization of these assets all together

  • IT is now viewed as an enabler/partner to end users versus roadblock

These are just some of the benefits, but there are just as many concerns as positive parts;

  • Managing security on non corporate owned devices

  • Funding and allocation models are cloudy in most cases

  • What operating systems and device types do you support

  • Users are increasing the number of devices they wish to use to perform "work" related tasks

We are looking at our user segments in a completely new way.  We are no longer looking for the "one size fits all" solution, but instead we are refining our user segments into smaller categories and looking for niche use cases to gain positive ROI right away and grow to larger population of users as it matures.

BYOC isn't something that is ready for corporate prime time yet, but it also isn't that far off.  Start looking at the architecture and services you are delivering internally now and begin to think of these future models.  As the consumerization influence grows, more employees are going to want to use the latest devices they have bought themselves.  We just need to outline how to make it safe, seamless and practical.

I welcome everyone else's thoughts on the subject