Future-Proofing Small Business Security

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Many small businesses used to think that their size made them immune to hacks. Who would bother to hack a company for a handful of client data when there are so many larger targets? But with the increasing interconnectedness of business, this paradigm has shifted. Employees work remotely, small companies provide vendor services to larger ones, and everyone collects customer data.

All of these points, and dozens more, are areas of vulnerability for small businesses. Pair this with the increasing ability of hackers to automate their own attacks and the lack of a skilled, in-house IT department, and you can understand why small businesses are uniquely and severely vulnerable to security threats. That’s where security consultants can make a big difference. Cyber Security Audit Corporation (C3SA) provides cutting-edge expertise and security solutions to help small and mid-market businesses prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats and incidents. They’re going beyond the basics with help from the latest Intel technology. 

Small Business Security Is a Big Risk

“My marching orders have always been to get the best hardware to future-proof our business, while enabling efficiencies when we are in the field or doing complex tasks,” says C3SA CEO and Lead Consultant Jarett Parent. “In today’s economy, we have to be lean, nimble, and leverage the right technology to give us that advantage over the bigger players. That is why we go with the best hardware to be able to maximize our CPUs for crunching data.”

Although Parent would like all companies to prevent incidents, C3SA is also called in to assess and minimize security leaks after they happen. The implications of mishandled data are huge, considering it can take a year for many businesses to detect a security incident. Prioritizing security before an attack happens can be the difference between success and failure. Most importantly, C3SA works with clients to create an actionable plan - that means putting in place protection, detection, response and recovery services.

C3SA’s managed security solution, CyberVisor, includes ongoing monitoring and analytics, and is supported 24/7 by a security operations center. The innovative solution includes on-site sensors and a next-gen firewall, powered by Intel’s Xeon processor D-1540.

Processing Power Is Everything to a Cybersecurity Company

The C3SA team uses high-performance laptops in the field to complete varied tasks, from collecting evidence and analyzing malware to testing the security of cloud and internal software services.  This work is being completed faster than ever, providing greater efficiencies for their clients.  

“What used to take us two to three weeks to find things, now takes us a couple of days, because of the faster processing speeds and optimized algorithms we deploy,” says Parent. In short, with innovative delivery of cyber security services, C3SA can provide the same solutions as larger competitors for up to 30% less.

Scalability is also a top concern for C3SA. Even small businesses have the means to collect huge volumes of data. As the Internet of Things continues to bring more devices online, the volume of resulting data is exponential. This ever-increasing need for scalability and processing power is being matched by C3SA, and the proof is in their client roster. The company has doubled its customer base over the past year.

“Our hardware needs to be able to scale with our business and to handle increasing loads without impacting customer performance,” says Parent. “We can run a vulnerability scan of the entire network in a single day.”

As C3SA looks to expand its security services platform to a global market, the company knows a solid foundation means everything. The agility and reliability of the Xeon processor lets C3SA bring big-time security to its growing number of small business clients.

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