Can an End User stop a KVM session?

Yes - This feature is enabled via the Intel Management and Security Status (IMSS) application.

IMSS is installed as part of the Intel AMT driver set.   A small icon will appear in the task tray.

imss icon.png

The user does need to open or see this icon.   The default key sequence to stop a redirection session is Shift+Escape

Shown below is the IMSS screen, on the Intel AMT tab.   The hot key can be changed by the user if they so desired.

stop KVM session.png

Note: The IMSS application and hotkey functionality are operating system dependent.

How does a user know if a redirection session is occuring on their computing device?

Two items will show on the screen independent of the host operating system: 

  1. Shown in the upper right corner of the screen - a flashing icon
  2. Red border around the screen. 
    • Note: The red border is more pronounced on Intel AMT 8.x and higher systems, where an alternating redyellow flashing border occurs.

flash control icon.png

One final reminder - in many circumstances User Consent must be obtained to establish the initial session.   This further helps to protect the privacy of the end user.   Shown below is an example of the prompt on the user screen - which will appear regardless of the operating system state.

user consent.png