Can Educators Learn any IT Best Practices on BYOD from Enterprise IT?

I think Yes.  IT consumerization is a trend that trancends industries and geographical boundaries.  Personally, I had a discussion about this with one of my local school board reps last year who shared his vision of removing text books from the k-12 school system and using BYO technology and other solutions to streamline learning and cut costs.  His vision made perfect sense to me and I discussed some of the things we were looking at inside Intel IT back then – now I’m in a position to share more details.

Recently, some of Intel IT’s senior engineers (Dave Buchholz, Alan Ross, John Dunlop) co-authored a paper sharing their insights on how Improving Security and Mobility for Personally owned devices in an enterprise IT environment can be applied to schools and classrooms.

Although the classroom does differs from an enterprise office, when it comes to BYO technology, there are some significant similarities:

  • Security is a top concern
  • Both environments benefits from device configuration and management
  • Expanded access to data helps employees and students
  • A consistent user experience across a range of devices is required
  • Shared concern that internet enabled devices tempt users off task
  • Controlling support costs is important

Central to finding a solution that addresses the requirements above are four innovation areas that include HR/Legal, Device Management, Technical Infrastructure and Training (across users, service desk and developers)

I invite you to learn more about how some Intel IT best practices for “BYOD to work” can help support “BYOD to school”.