Catch the Big Data Wave: Pulling It All Together

Big Data is about to get a lot bigger – and if your infrastructure isn’t ready, you might get left behind.

Watch our amusing animated video on the impact of sensor data on big data analytics. You’ll see how data coming in from billions of connected devices—such as location trackers, audio, video, smartphones, appliances, utility meters and other intelligent data sources—will soon deluge us with a rich and complex tsunami of existing corporate data.

Many of today’s Big Data systems, which are often just banks of outmoded servers cabled together to chew on data, simply aren’t up to the performance, security and scalability required to get value out of the coming Big Data senor data wave.

That’s why we’ve announced the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*. Apache Hadoop is the open source leader for managing Big Data, but ensuring the analytics opportunity inherent in Big Data scales to keep pace with exponential data growth requires a comprehensive computing platform with muscle and intelligence.

Intel’s approach to Big Data isn’t just about processing volume (though our Intel® Xeon® E5 and E7 processors have that covered), it’s about enabling analytics from end to end – from edge devices and clients to clouds and data centers – and from top to bottom. The Intel platform starts with software optimized to take advantage of forged-in-silicon processor performance, and extends to 10GbE networking, SSD storage, and even includes Xeon optimization for in-memory databases.

With this comprehensive platform supporting Apache Hadoop, Intel is able to deliver Big Data optimization at scale. The Intel platform can scale Hadoop across the wire, linking multiple data centers together and providing visibility, security and configurability across a unified Big Data infrastructure.

And the Intel Distribution of Apache Hadoop delivers optimization at scale from within the open source ecosystem, and with cost-saving energy efficiency that makes the benefit of Big Data affordable for many businesses. It may be too soon to start talking about the democratization of Big Data analytics, but with Intel Distribution of Apache Hadoop, it’s on the way.

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