Celebrating a Decade of Business Innovation with Intel Core vPro

10 years ago at an Intel office in Folsom, CA, an enterprise client game-changing technology was born. It was called, Intel vPro. The platform was born based on an unmet need for IT to have a security and manageability solution for enterprise PC’s in the workplace.

As the executive steward over the business client team, it’s humbling to pause and reflect on the milestones we’ve reached over the last decade. One of the most rewarding aspects for me is hearing from our partners and customers all over the world about how Intel Core vPro has helped IT do their jobs more effectively.

The Inception of vPro

To get the true history of vPro, I asked engineers and architects from the original team for their perspective. Gregory Bryant, now corporate vice president and general manager leading the Connected Home and Commercial Client Group, was on the vPro team 10 years ago. He described the need to build an “engine” in the PC that ran on its own network below the operating system that could do critical security and management functions. “The value was the ability to connect to the PC and fix it whether it is on or off or blue screened.  This was fundamentally disruptive for business PCs."

What rings as true today as it did 10 years ago, is the need for remote manageability and security for enterprise systems. There are now 110 million vPro PCs in use around the world and even more non-PC devices such as vending machines, ATM machines and smart signs to mention a few.

Celebrating 10 years of Intel vPro
Celebrating 10 years of Intel vPro: click for full infographic.

Our 6th generation of Core vPro for Businesses Today   

Today, our 6th generation Intel Core vPro technology is in more than 100 vPro PC designs (an all-time record).  Several of these vPro PCs captured awards for the most innovative and modern designs at this year’s CES event. These machines are smaller, sleeker and faster. They are no longer the large, heavy work machines you used to find in the office.

We’ve added new security capabilities to 6th generation platforms.  The new multi-factor authentication solution - Intel Authenticate, strengthens identity protection for the enterprise. Available in preview, Intel Authenticate uses any combination of up to three hardened factors at the same time; something you know like a PIN, something you have like a mobile phone and something you are, like a fingerprint.

Advancing Intel Core vPro for Tomorrow

The future of vPro technology will take into consideration the changing needs of IT and the workplace environment. With more mobile devices and remote workers, managing devices in a secure way will remain important. Steven Grobman, current Intel Fellow and CTO for Intel Security, was the lead architect on the vPro team 10 years ago. He sees the future of vPro as the technology IT can lean on for anticipating and troubleshooting problems before they start. “vPro is a great swiss army knife for  delivering remote management and security capabilities.” He sees value in looking at how vPro can work with new cloud technologies, help against cyber threats and be the secure and safe platform to assist in the defense of security attacks in corporate environments.

Bryant went on to tell me that: “This is a great example of how the initial vPro idea has grown to become a complete platform where you can deliver innovative capabilities to enable businesses to transform their workplace. vPro isn’t just one feature, it’s a collection of the best manageability and security features for business clients. 10 years later it’s incredible to see the unique value and innovation we’re driving for businesses. The fact that no one else has been able to get in there and do this, that we’ve been able to stay in front, is pretty amazing.”

If you are in enterprise IT, check out all of the benefits of today’s Intel Core vPro processor. We think now is the time to transform your workplace including replacing aging enterprise PC’s with today’s faster, more secure devices and save on your IT ROI.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of Intel Core vPro brings to the enterprise. Share your thoughts with me @TomMGarrison.

~ Tom



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