Celebrating a Year of Innovation at the Intel IoT Ignition Lab in Munich

We’ve just passed an exciting milestone at the Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Ignition Lab in Munich: in September we celebrated our first anniversary. I’ve been working at the lab since it opened, and it’s amazing to reflect on all we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months.

We’ve developed a strong and active community of customers, developers, OEMs, systems integrators and other ecosystem players, all with one shared goal to do fantastic things with the Internet of Things (IoT). And a lot is happening – here’s a sample of some of the projects we and our collaborators are working on:

Munich lab.jpg

  • Developing smart home and buildings solutions such as remote home management with Yoga Systems,making offices run more efficiently with Ersules, and helping cable providers deliver more compelling services to their customers with nomos system.
  • Driving innovation in Industrial IoT by helping Azeti create cloud-based asset management solutions, and working with KNAPP on safety-boosting remote access technologies.
  • Collaborating on smart grid solutions with E.ON and Bayernwerk, designed to help utilities providers predict energy use more accurately so they can offer a more cost-effective and reliable service.
  • Laying the foundations for a smart community with Aricent by trialling a platform that enables residents, government and utilities providers to share information from energy prices to the availability of parking spaces.
  • Looking to the future of the automotive industry by exploring possibilities for building consolidated in-car communications systems with ARAMiS*.

The social network of information

It’s a diverse range of solutions, relying on the expertise, vision and hard work of a lot of people. Indeed, I see the IoT as like the social network of information – it’s not possible or desirable to create a solution alone. Working with others, pulling in the technologies and knowledge you need from around the community, is the best way to achieve great results. And that’s really the value we’re able to add at the IoT Ignition Lab. We’re able to bring to bare the global relationships Intel has with large industry players and the on-the-ground connections we have with our own community of innovative companies, to create the right mix for every customer need.

We’re also looking beyond our own ecosystem to the wider IoT industry, as I believe we have a lot to offer here too. For example, we’re currently taking part in a new industrial initiative focused on promoting interoperability across smart home platforms and solutions. The siloed way in which many smart home devices of today operate (for example, your smart fridge probably isn’t able to communicate with your smart temperature controller) is a barrier to real scalability, so it’s important the industry works together to enable more seamless interoperability. Intel Deutschland and our team at the IoT Ignition Lab, have a great deal of experience and understanding of the technologies and capabilities needed to make open platforms successful thanks to the work we’ve done promoting open standards in the computing industry. We’re now working to bring this experience to bear in the IoT industry to promote growth that will benefit everyone.

As we look ahead to the year to come (and those after that), it’s clear we’re still near the beginning of the IoT journey. There’s a huge amount of potential still to be tapped, and I’m excited to see what we and our community come up with next.