Celebrating Innovation


Congratulations to Alinma Bank, Instituto G. Caporale, RI-Solution GmbH, Tata Consultancy Services, TOT Public Company Limited, Cerner Corporation, FIS-ASP, MøllerGruppen, RTT, FERNBACH, Gravic Inc, SAP AG, Temenos, and Kenya Women Finance Trust Deposit Taking Micro-finance Limited

I'm very proud to be part of the present company - nominees for the Mission Critical Innovation Awards (MCIA) --here on Monday night in Frankfurt. We're kicking off HP Discover 2012 with this prestigious awards ceremony. Before the ceremony started, I had the opportunity to speak to two notable nominees. A gentleman from Fernbach whose company is being recognized for bringing to market an end to end risk management solutions used by major banks in Europe, Asia and Africa based on HP Integrity Servers that are powered by the Intel Itanium processor. The second gentleman in our conversation is from the Kenya Women Finance Trust, a mostly non-profit organization that provides micro-loans to economically disadvantaged women in Kenya. It amazed me that two diametrically opposite industries both are mission critical and use technology by Intel and HP to provide innovative solutions to help solve problems.

Ric Lewis, Vice President and Interim General Manager of HP's Business Critical Systems Group kicked off the ceremony with a funny anecdote, but more importantly by expressing his excitement to be among such intellectual and inspiring people.  Ric also introduced his co-host, Pauline Nist, Intel’s General Manager of Enterprise Software Strategy.

The first award was in the category of Mission Critical Data.  It was a tough run, with five competitors, but it was Tata Consultancy who walked away with the award. Tata installed to two new Superdome 2 servers and upgraded three others and implemented Enterprise DB after Oracle announced ending support for the Itanium based products.  Tata took a risk but knew that it had to be done to take the best care of their customers.

The second category, Data Center Modernization, honored customers who moved from legacy solutions, such as mainframe to a standard business critical solution.  The American healthcare company, Cerner, was a finalist—they run over 20,000 servers in their data center.  The winner, however, was FIS-ASP, who by updating their hardware with Integrity servers and high end Xeon based Proliant servers plus 3PAR storage, was able to reduce their SAP response time from one month to one day!  Talk about a boon to customer service!

Innovations in hardware drive innovations in software…or is it the other way around? While this may be a chicken and egg thing, there is no doubt in my mind that new applications are popping up every day but truly mission critical, impactful are few and far between.  And the winner is a provider of who upgraded their disaster recovery architecture to a disaster tolerant architecture, Gravis.   They implemented HP’s NonStop servers to moving from high availability to continuous availability for its applications.

Pauline ended the ceremonies by announcing the Humanitarian/Environmental Impact Award.  Interestingly, two companies walked away with the top award. Instituto G. Corporale and the Kenya Women’s Finance Trust, provide distinct but much needed solutions via technology.  The Instituto G. Corporale is a public health institution in Italy that not only ensures food safety but also manages animal health and welfare.  They play a big role
in disease management as well.   KWFT, is not to be under shadowed.  They do remarkable work in empowering women to start their own businesses and now have the infrastructure to efficiently manage and grow their intricate system of microloans.  The judges commented that the KWT exemplified “…an amazing alignment of technology to meet local needs ….used state of the art to revolutionize micro-lending…”

Congratulations to all the winners and I couldn’t more proud to be in the same room with them and be a tiny part of their success!