Celebrating Our Community: It’s About You


Today, we raise a glass to you, our comrades in arms looking to improve your skills as a business pros, engineers, or experts in the art of technology. Today, we became one milestone stronger — a close-knit LinkedIn community of more than 75,000 IT and business professionals and our closest friends dedicated to being smarter, stronger, and more capable team members.

Working for something bigger than ourselves

We’re all in the same boat trying to catch enough wind in our sails to move this work ship along. As we learn new skills to do better business or implement new technologies, we share what we’ve learned with others here in the community. We look to more than just Intel to educate each other — even if it sometimes means promoting a competitor or cohort above ourselves. Because you know what? That is exactly the thing that makes us a united team. Sometimes we need to look beyond our bubbles to learn new ways of doing the same old things.

We built this community for you

We work painstakingly to find the best mix of content for you — from the IoT, to data centers to the PC (and other devices) and everything in between. We also look beyond our walls to cultivate thought-provoking industry news and trends to expand your skills. This is truly an edge-to-cloud knowledge-sharing experience. We find the articles that will resonate best with you and help you succeed as a professional.

Let us know what you would like to hear more about by simply commenting on our posts. We are listening.

The secret is you: We’ll keep sharing our favorite content and as long as you keep reading and asking questions so we can all grow together.

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Here’s to another 75,000 followers and a growing educational hub. Please, keep in touch!