CERN openlab Defines the Future of Computing with Help from Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 Family

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CERN openlab.jpgCERN openlab is a framework for evaluating and integrating cutting-edge IT technologies and services in collaboration with industry, focusing on future versions of the World-Wide Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid* (WLCG*). Working closely with leading industrial players, CERN acquires early access to technology before it’s available for the general computing market segment.

CERN openlab recently tested an Intel® Xeon® processor E7 4870-based server for use with its Large Hadron Collider* (LHC*) and infrastructure services and found a significant leap in performance. The Intel Xeon processor E7-4870 delivered throughput gains of up to 39 percent when using HEPSPEC06 benchmark. Energy efficiency also increased by up to 39 percent.

“We count heavily on continued improvements in throughput per watt to satisfy the ever-growing demands of the physicists associated with the Large Hadron Collider and its four experiments,” explained Sverre Jarp, CTO of CERN openlab.

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