Change Your Desktops, Change Your Business. Part 1: Increase Productivity by 183 Percent with a New PC

Do you ever think about how much your business could accomplish if your employees were even more productive? If you’re like most people, the answer is “yes.” Then again, it’s quite likely your employees are already working hard and working smart, putting in quality time day in and day out to help your business grow and prosper. How much more productive could they really be?

A lot more, actually. And not because your workers aren’t putting in the effort. In most businesses, employees are doing all they can to help their company succeed: arriving early, skipping lunch (at least sometimes), getting things done, making a difference. But in many cases, their computers simply can’t keep up.

In fact, a new study has found that desktops older than five years dramatically underperform compared to today’s newer PCs, which means that no matter how hard your employees try, if they’re using an outdated computer there’s a limit to how productive they can be. But there’s good news too. The same study shows that new desktop PCs powered by the latest Intel® processors, including all-in-ones (AiOs) and Mini PCs, outperform older machines by as much as 145 percent. As the study notes, “a faster, more responsive desktop means your employees can finish the same tasks in less time, ultimately providing them an opportunity to be more productive.”

Likewise, a study by J. Gold Associates on replacing enterprise PCs recommends companies move to a two-year refresh cycle for most corporate machines. The old model of waiting three to four years before an upgrade, when the cost of maintaining a PC outweighs the cost of replacing it, is no longer valid in the modern age of advanced chip technology, cloud-based systems, and new tech innovations. Research shows that significant ROI can be achieved by upgrading more often so companies can do more with the resources they currently have.

Faster System Performance = Increased Productivity

Working on a slow PC is painful. With a new, more responsive desktop computer, workers can complete the same tasks faster —up to 183 percent faster with an AiO and 135 percent with a Mini—according the desktop upgrade study conducted by Principled Technologies. The report uses five of the most common industry benchmarks to compare performance between a new Intel®-based AiO and Mini PC, and a legacy desktop. With newer PCs boasting faster processing speed, the study found that employees can finish tasks in less than half the time, compared with older computers.

Imagine this: A 10-minute task could be shaved down to a mere three minutes. Now multiply this improvement across an entire enterprise. An organization replacing 10,000 desktops could save 990,000 employee hours over four years! Think of the opportunity for overall productivity—based on the size of your desktop fleet—not to mention the peace of mind your employees will experience working on the latest, fastest machines. Happy employees means a happy company, right?

Stay tuned to learn more about the study and discover how your business can do more with a PC refresh. In Part 2, we’ll cover how new desktop computers can help your business save money by paying less for power and reducing IT costs across the organization. You can also download the full study online.

In the meantime, join the conversation using #IntelDesktop, and get ready to rediscover the desktop.

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