Checklist For Designing a New Server Room


Designing a new server room may initially seem to be a daunting task, there are after all, many factors and standards to consider. However, setting up the space and equipment doesn't have to be an ordeal as long as you plan in advance and make sure you have all the necessary items. Here’s a checklist to facilitate the design of your data center.

Spatial Specifications

  • Room should have no windows.
  • Ensure space is large enough for future growth
  • Ceiling should be at least nine feet
  • Should have drop ceiling return to exhaust heat

Equipment Specifications

  • Computer racks should have a clearance of at least 42 inches.
  • All racks should have proper grounding and seismic bracing.
  • Computing equipment should have a maximum electrical intensity of 300 watts per square foot.
  • Server room should contain fire, smoke, water and humidity monitors.

Cooling Specifications

  • Racks should be arranged in a hot-aisle/ cold-aisle configuration.
  • Use cooling equipment with variable speed fans.
  • Plan for redundancy, do not rely on building cooling for back-up.
  • Under floor cooling systems require a raised floor with a minimum height of 24 inches, with the ability to hold the weight of server racks and equipment.

Electrical Systems Specifications

  • Computer equipment and HVAC should have separate power panels.
  • There should be no heat-generating support equipment.
  • Electrical systems should have an isolated ground, grounding grid and dedicated neutral.
  • Separate back-up power should be available for data center.
  • The electrical system should have a shunt trip for purposes of emergency shutdown.

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