Chipping in to the Open Source Cloud

Hi All,

Late last year, we made a decision in Intel IT to start up a greenfield cloud environment that was a closer match to our grid computing space; meaning running predominantly on open source.  At the time it was starting to look like the open source communities were really starting to move at a strong pace and beginning the innovation curve that we saw with Linux when it was in its first few years of existence.  As with Linux, we decided that it would be optimum for us to help the community grow and innovate and allow us to continue to work on areas that gave us the most value internally as enhancements vs. us constantly working on the core improvements.

Over the last 6 months we have been busy integrating, perfecting, and finally implementing a robust enough solution for cloud aware applications.  I have shared in a few public forums the specific open source solutions we chose, however in this blog I want to focus in on the core of the environment - OpenStack.

Today my goal is to say... we have work to do to make this enterprise ready, and the community can/should band together to make it so.  One of my goals is to be completely open about what we are doing with cloud (as much as possible) so I wanted to share this attached list with the entire interweb.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the open source community is building solutions that work for numerous use cases, however not every app is built for the cloud and it should still benefit from most of the attributes cloud can provide (self-service, measured services, and resource pooling).  I have no magic to make a vertically built app do elastic scaling, however I still want that app to run and stay up in my cloud infrastructure and there are a few areas that we need to solve to make this so.

Let me know what you think, and if you are also working on addressing some of these gaps.  We are looking to see which we will code ourselves, but would love to see the community of IT shops that are working on Open Source solutions chip in together to make this happen faster.  How quickly can we make these open sources solutions ready for the Enterprise?  6 months, 9 months?

Until next time....