CIOs: Learning and Leading Together

I have recently been blogging about IT Leadership and Management in this IT Community.  One of the principles I've been highlighting has been partnership.

Partnership is a powerful concept that helps teams perform better, helps create better value for customers and is the foundation of team work.  Partnership also happens across the industry, inside of industries and between job functions.  As professionals, peer-to-peer networking is extremely valuable as it enables personal development and career growth.  Learning from others through open sharing of successes, failures, challenges and methodologies enables faster innovation and value creation.

I was recently introduced to the CIO Leadership Network where Diane Bryant (Intel CIO) participates as an active member.  The CIO Leaderhship Network is an exclusive CIO-only community for Senior IT Leaders to meet and discuss the challenges they face in their profession and share best practices and key learnings as they lead their organizations.

Diane was recently featured inside the CIO Leadership Network with a discussion covering "Intel CIO's Top Two Priorities for 2010" where Diane talks about how the Intel IT organization was graded by internal business leaders on her performance and how that is shaping the actions and investments moving forward.